Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know

1.What is Savor at Studio 3807?

Savor is Prince George’s County’s first Food Hall that will feature a commercial kitchen for caterers, 4-5 mini-restaurants, a pop-up space for food artisans looking to try their newest food creation, a year round indoor farmer’s market that will feature local produce and locally made pre-packaged foods, and an artisans’ market that will carry locally made products such as soaps, home furnishings, lotions. jewelry, books, candles and accessories

2. What is Savor’s Mission?

Savor has 4 pillars that we build upon: Community, Food, Love and Flavor

Savor the Community-We moved to the Gateway Arts District to make a positive impact in the food community. We do this by learning from residents what their culinary needs are and we do our best to help find solutions.

Savor the Food- Savor is located in a federally designated food desert. This designation means that options for healthy food and access to prepared foods are at an all-time low. We promote food concepts whose recipes focus on health, sustainability and that offer a culturally diverse menu.

Savor the Love- We are an “open arms organization” where we do our best to spread love and inclusiveness within our four walls.

Savor the Flavor- Flavor is ones style, swag, appearance, and uniqueness. Our Flavor is warm, relaxing inviting with an artistic flair.

3. Where is Savor located?

We are located at 3807 Rhode Island Ave Brentwood, MD in the Gateway Arts District. We are located on the bottom floor of the newest apartment

4. Tell me about the neighborhood?

Savor is located in the Gateway Arts District. This unique location puts us in the middle of an exciting and dynamic community of residents, artists, artisans, chefs, patrons, art lovers and explorers.

5. Hours of Operation?

Savor will be open for business from 11:am-11pm. Core hours for the food hall are Monday-Saturday from 11:00am-8:00pm. Sunday 11:00am-8:00pm. For Bar hours see the Contact Us tab. All vendors must be open during core hours. Vendors may by written permission, have access to prep after 12am and before 5:00am.

6. What are the lease options and costs?

Costs range from $2,000 -$6,500. Leases are inclusive of equipment, utilities, common areas, taxes and building insurance, thus most things are included. If vendors exceeds a certain break point in sales, a percentage of sales is added to the rent payment on a quarterly basis.

7. Can I bring additional equipment?

Maybe. If additional equipment is approved, the vendor is required for the purchase and installation.

8. Who pays for my signage?

You do, all signage of individual vendors is paid for by the individual vendors

9. Will there be additional storage and refrigeration?

Stalls have storage within their footprint, in addition, each tenant has allocated additional dry storage, freezer and refrigerator space-. Any additional space needed can be purchased.

10. What equipment is in each stall?

Please request a copy of the floor plan and equipment list.

11. Is insurance required?

Yes, all vendors are required to have general liability insurance

12. What about general maintenance/upkeep and trash removal?

Trash and general maintenance is included in the rent, however all vendors are required to participate in maintaining the cleanliness of the food hall. Each vendor will be assigned a day per week for the overall cleanliness of the food hall. We are a shared community space and to reduce overhead, it is essential that we share in keeping the facility clean.

13. Who holds the liquor license?

Only the bar, Community Cocktail, can sell alcohol and it will be the only place to purchase alcohol within Savor.

14. Am I allowed to sell non-alcoholic beverages? Yes

15. Where will I be able to park?

Vendors must park offsite. There is plenty of parking in the surrounding community.

16. Where will Savor guests park?

We have a garage that can hold up to 22 vehicles. The neighborhood has plenty of parking within walking distance from Savor, the parking is similar to DC, street parking and you must walk a block or two.

17. Where will I be able to unload and pack up at the end of the day?

Vendors can pull into the garage and load and unload at the loading dock.

18. How do I apply to become a vendor?

Click on “Become a Vendor” and complete the application

19. Will there be any PR to advertise Savor to studio 3807 Residents and the community: Of course!

20. I want to learn more about living at Studio 3807’s apartment to make my commute easier where do I go for info?

Visit their website at

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